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The 2011 Cholatse expedition is looking for experienced climbers to join. We will be attempting the 6440M south west ridge of Cholatse. The maximum size for the climbing team will be 6 members.

The climbing route  on Cholatse is considered a very technical and challenging ascent. Climbers can expect to encounter cold temperatures, ice fall negotiation, 15-20 pitches of knife edge ridge climbing and terrifying exposure on summit day.

Cholatse is a mountain in the Khumbu region of the Nepalese Himalaya. Cholatse is connected to Taboche (6,501m) by a long ridge. The Chola glacier descends off the east face. The north and east faces of Cholatse can be seen from Dughla, on the trail to Mount Everest base camp.

Cholatse was first climbed via the southwest ridge on April 22, 1982 by Vern Clevenger, Galen Rowell, John Rowell and Bill O’Connor. The north face was successfully scaled in 1984.


Ganesh Adventures is offering the 2011 Cholatse southwest ridge expedition as a fully guided ascent. Your guide Fabrizio Zangrilli has been on dozens mountains over 6000M. This experience and knowledge will ensure your investment is sound and your expedition an amazing learning experience. Please view our about Ganesh Adventures page to learn more about your ‘big bosses’ for this excellent Cholatse South West Ridge expedition.


We believe strongly that success lies in support. If this is your first Himalayan expedition, you will be amazed at the amount of work and planning that goes into an expedition of this magnitude. The Sherpa staff of Ganesh Adventures works as a team. Our experience has taught us that the Sherpa prefer to be given a set of tasks and to execute them as they see fit. There is no need to micro manage these awesome guys who have more experience up high that all of us put together.

Please be aware that the boys will be working very very hard during the initial stages of the expedition and that they are not your personal assistant for all of your daily needs. We all need them to establish and stock our camps, fix lines and work the Sherpa politics. Don’t worry though, when the time to climb comes, your Sherpas will be there right at your side for the entire ascent.


The 2011 Ganesh Adventures Cholatse South West Ridge expedition is open to competent alpine climbers looking to test themselves on the challenging terrain of Cholatse’s southwest ridge. If you feel that you are qualified to participate and meet the qualifications below, please contact us for an application to join the expedition.

Ideally, members will have the following experience:

  • Extensive mountaineering & technical climbing experience
  • Previous high altitude experience at or above 5000M
  • Previous use of fixed lines on exposed terrain
  • Mental fortitude and strong motivation
  • Extensive expedition and outdoor experience

If you do not feel that you are currently qualified for the 2011 Cholatse expedition, Ganesh Adventures offers a very comprehensive training and preparation program. Cholatse isn’t going anywhere and we believe that experience is the key to success and safety on any mountain. Get the skills and use them rather than just throwing your hard earned money away to constantly attempt one mountain. Aconcagua is a great place to test ones self up to nearly 7000M.


We will have the following facilities at Cholatse Base Camp for all members at all times:

  • Cooks and cook assistants to prepare and serve meals.
  • Heated dining tent with tables, chairs, drinks, condiments, snacks & lighting.
  • Three full meals per day consisting of imported and local food.
  • Hot Shower
  • Equipment storage and packing tent for members and staff


Ideally, we will have a medical doctor experienced in high altitude medicine on our expedition. The reality however, is that it is difficult to find doctors that are experienced with the unique set of conditions presented on a high altitude expedition such as Choltse. Although we will try our very best to include a medical doctor on our expeditions, we can not make the guarantee of having one. Weather a doctor is not a member of the expedition or not, Ganesh Adventures provides all of the following on all of our expeditions:

  • 24 hour on call Canadian or American emergency room doctor prepared for high altitude emergency consultation
  • Wilderness first responder certified base camp manager
  • Wilderness EMT certified mountain guides with very extensive high altitude medical experience
  • Extensive trauma medical kit at base camp
  • Extensive airway medical kit with oxygen at base camp
  • Fully stocked medications kit at base camp
  • Portable Altitude Chamber (Gamow Bag)
  • Stretcher with spinal immobilization equipment at base camp
  • Emergency response plan documented for all contingencies
  • Direct line contact and personal relationship with helicopter evacuation provider


To minimize the metal strain on our members, we provide individual private sleeping arrangements while at base camp on all of our expeditions.

Each member of the 2011 Ganesh Adventures Mt Cholatse South West Ridge expedition will be provided:

  • Personal tent
  • sleeping mat


On all of our Himalayan expeditions Ganesh Adventures provides the following communications infrastructure to all of our members to keep in touch with family, friends and business:

  • Thuraya Satellite
  • radios for communications on the mountain and between camps
  • DVD player for movies at night
  • Solar power grid with battery bank


Ganesh Adventures exclusively uses Marmot tents and MSR Reactor or Jetboil mountain stoves. Depending on the configuration of the camps and members, either Marmot Thor 2 or Thor 3 tents will be placed at all high camps by the Sherpa staff. Additionally, each tent will have a minimum of one MSR Reactor or two Jetboil high altitude stoves. We have used both of these cooking systems up to and above 8000M and feel they are the best option for an expedition such as this. If you have your own system you would like to bring please feel to contact us to ensure we have comparable fuel for your kit.