Having a blast in Concordia, K2 in the background

When choosing any expedition outfitter is is very important to ask for references about your guides, expedition leader and the local services they use. Basing your decision around cost, a flashy website, good writing and nice photos is simply not enough. We hate to see peoples’ hard earned money and time go to waste when they contract sub-standard operators and use inferior services. Always ask your expedition outfitter to provide you testimonials and or contact information from past members.

Please feel free to contact us at any time and we will gladly provide you with testimonials from past members as well as their contact information so you can learn more about how we work.

Testimonials from Past Members

Chris is an all round brilliant expedition leader. He’s led two successful Everest expeditions and has a wealth of experience from all over the world, particularly at high altitude throughout the Himalayas and Karakorum, having also climbed on K2 numerous times, amongst many other great mountains.

He’s incredibly strong at high altitude, both physically and mentally, he’s always there when you need him and he has the ability and experience to make great decisions in what many would find difficult situations.

On top of all that, he’s a great guy; honest, honourable, generous, passionate about the mountains, friendly and great fun to be around.

Ben T. | Everest North Side

I have absolute faith you’re the man to organise a best in class expedition to 8848m. High altitude is a very tough, difficult place; but travel with you makes it seem much more fun than it should be. There was always a great balance between having great logistical, local and climbing support without ever feeling like I wasn’t climbing for myself.

Alex W. | Ama Dablam, Aconcagua

Chris is a great guide with lots of useful experience both in his technical ability and ability to lead a team safely in the mountains. He was great for boosting moral in the team and was key to success to the expedition. When I was climbing with him in the Himalayas he had a lot of relevant information about the area. I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to do any kind of expedition.

George A.  | Everest North Side

I met Chris Szymiec in November 2008 when he was the team leader of our expedition to Ama Dablam. The trip was a great success and I’d have no hesitation in joining Chris on a future climb. There were some epic moments on Ama Dablam, but Chris provided me with the confidence to safely reach the summit and get back down. He is also a great character and fun to be around, which counts for a lot when you’re stuck in a tent with him for a few weeks! The trip was well organised and the local Sherpa team were outstanding and also a joy to be with.

James B. | Ama Dablam

Chris brings strong climbing experience and leadership skills and a great team of local support staff to expeditions. When you have tough objectives in the mountains it’s important to have the confidence that the expedition is well organised and run. I had a great time climbing with Chris and also climbed multiple summits.

Neal D. | Ama Dablam

Chris is a guy you want to know- He is experienced, He know the people there is to know. And he is strategic in his way to plan a summit attempt. The Sherpa them is strong – You will be surprised how strong they are.

Alexander R. | Everest North Side

I have been with Chris on three expeditions: Cho Oyu in Tibet, Tharpu Chuli in Nepal and on Satopanth in India. He is not only one of the strongest climbers I´ve met, but he is great fun to be with as well. He provides great support on the mountain and is willing to help anyone in need, not only people in his team. He is supportive, understandign and willing to share his experience and knowledge. Good leader, great climber, fantastic friend! I would be glad to join any other expedition led by Chris.

Veronika B. |  Cho Oyu, Satopanth, Tharpu Chuli

I was with Chris on Aconcagua. He has a really relaxed approach to leading an expedition and only intervenes when it’s needed, while being there whenever you have any questions. After summiting I started to suffer from HACE, and only for the quick reaction of Chris I’m here to tell the tale! All round great guy!

Stephen B. | Aconcagua

Don’t be fooled by Chris’s apparently laid back appearance, when it comes to expeditions, mountains and mountaineering, he really knows what he’s doing. A good organiser with a great sense of humour, he has an innate ability to get on with everyone on the mountain – climbers and locals alike. His down-to-earth attitude enables him to get the very best from his sherpa team. I’d climb with him again tomorrow if I had the chance.